Software Engineer (Frontend, Elm) - Service

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We're looking for a full-time Front-end Engineer with a love for beautiful, well-crafted interfaces, functional programming and atomic design principals. You will be working in flat-structured team to create the face of our product that millions of energy consumers will use to prove their carbon emissions.


  • Develop, test, ship and maintain quality, highly modular interfaces
  • Work with our Design and Product team to transform ideas and designs into modern, clean, and highly maintainable code.
  • Research, develop, test and implement features on web applications built with modern web technologies (Elm, Webpack, Django).


  • Expert understanding of: Modern JavaScript (ES6+), Typescript and Web APIs, CSS, React + Redux, resource optimization, development tools.
  • Willingness to learn Elm
  • Proven ability to ship quality, well-crafted code within tight deadlines.
  • Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management. We work focus-driven, not hours-driven.

How to apply

You can apply to this job by following our series of first steps that you can follow at