Software Engineering Intern (Frontend, WordPress)

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Job Description

As a software engineer intern, you will gain first-hand experience working on Kulkul’s leading service to enhance the client experience. You will also have the opportunity to work alongside top engineers to gain invaluable insights on how to build a scalable and high performance software platform. This is a highly rewarding role as your contributions will directly impact the lives of millions of people in the region. Interns with outstanding performance will be invited for a full-time position at Kulkul.

Internship Openings

  • Software Engineering Intern (Android, Flutter)
  • Software Engineering Intern (iOS, Flutter)
  • Software Engineering Intern (Frontend, JavaScript)
  • Software Engineering Intern (Frontend, Elm)
  • Software Engineering Intern (Frontend, WordPress)
  • Technical Writing Intern
  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Product Design Intern
  • Sales Development Representative Intern

Professional Development

  • Gain insights into the Southeast Asian market and the internet industry
  • Enhance coding skills; get exposed to new tools and programming languages
  • Hands-on experience to apply computer science studies in a professional environment
  • Improve presentation and communication (both oral and written) skills


  • Students who are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Students in their second, third and final year of studies with outstanding academic results

How to apply

You can apply to this job by following our series of first steps that you can follow at