Junior Project, Product, and Program Management Generalist / Management Residency

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Product Engineering

Job Description

Kulkul Tech is a technology-based company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2019 by Gojek Alumni and globally respected coding mentor. It aims to democratize high-quality software engineering through customer-obsessed consulting, training and mentoring.

Engineering at Kulkul is people-centric, we believe that our people are what makes us great and we highly care about communication, personal growth, health, and well-being of our team members.

Job Description

Management Residency is a program designed for early-career managers in the area of the project, product, and program management. We expect applicants to come from any educational or technical background. You will be assigned to our Product Engineering group who designed, develop, and maintain both internal products and client's products.

You will be exposed to various industry best practices from Basecamp's Shape Up Framework, Scrum Framework, Extreme Programming, Just-in-time development with Kanban, and many more. In this program, you'll be mentored or pair directly with our Chief Kul who build the company from scratch, and learn not only technical skills but also in business and life. We are an entrepreneurial organization by nature and always welcome and support our team members to start an entrepreneurial journey at some point in the future.


  • Design: Collaborate with our cross-functional product engineering group to design software system both for clients and Kulkul's internal product.
  • Communicate: Making sure all the stakeholder and team member aligned and making sure misscommunication is minimum by implementing active listening and emphatethic communication.
  • Manage: Responsible for managing the project/product/program lifecycle and meet desired goals.
  • Relationship: Maintain good relationship both for external business partner and internal stakeholder.
  • Advocate: Put user first before everything else, and advocating user's pain point and find ways to serve our customers better.


  • Strong computational-literacy and tech-savvy.
  • Ability to speak English confidently and fluently.
  • High problem-solving aptitude.
  • Eagerness and curiosity in learning skills, technology, and behavior to be a top 1% manager.

How to apply

You can apply to this job by following our series of first steps that you can follow at