Locally rooted, globally respected.

Humble Beginning

From thousands of hours of experience dealing with students, engineers, and C-level executives that having issues with their project or learning, our founder started Kulkul as a way to empower at scale. As he consults and teaches hundreds of clients around the world, he wants to scale his work and put a lot more focus on the Indonesia tech ecosystem and talents.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to bring high-quality software to the mass through excellent development partnerships, workshops, and mentoring.

Product Development

For companies and individual who wants to tackles their customer needs, we provide product development consulting and workshop aiming to build a well-crafted software product.

Courses & Workshops

We provide high-quality tech courses and workshops which aim to level-up our student skills and exposed them to a cohesive student network.

Exclusive Mentoring

For the student who wants to speed up their tech learning, we provide exclusive 1-1 session with our renowned expert mentor.

Our Team